About Us - Overview

UTChinese Network is a not-for-profit organization led by Chinese students and young professionals in Canada. We publish the UTChinese magazines, and we also organize some of the largest events at the university focusing on three areas: Art and Cultural, Career and Academic, and Social and Other. Our portfolio includes Career Seminars, conferences, New Year Concerts, and so on. As of August 2014, We have near 6,000 members.

We are commented as the “most successful student group at the university in the past 20 years” by Ben Yang, retired Director of the International Student Centre (now Centre for International Experience) at the University of Toronto. We are also commented as the best student organization that “exceeds any others” by Roger Francis, Director of Arts and Sciences Co-Op Programs at the University of Toronto Scarborough.



我们被多伦多大学前任国际学生中心(International Student Centre)总监Ben Yang先生评价为“多伦多大学20年来最成功的学生组织”,还被多伦多大学士嘉堡分校区文理学科实习项目(Arts and Science Co-Op Programs)总监Roger Francis先生评价为“超越其他所有社团”。

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