UTChinese Social Responsibility

Being the largest Chinese student media in Canada, we share a keen focus on social responsibility. It is most evident in our continuous dedication to the highest standard of quality publication as well as in our stringent screening process for our sponsors.

Article Selection

Ever since the first issue of the UTChinese magazine said hello to the world in 2006, we always believe in bringing the best articles that adhere with our common values and belief. We present our readers only with those of high quality standard, respectful, and fair opinions.

Sponsor Screening

As a platform where information is shared and value is created, we hold a stringent screening process for all of our sponsors. We believe that only by protecting our readers and members from fraud and false advertisement could we bring values and customers to our sponsors. For sponsor screening, we see beyond just legal liability; we see social responsibility. As most of us are students ourselves, we know what serves the best value for students.

Community Building

We concern not only about the vibrant university life, but also about ever-changing global situation, and our motherland and her beloved fellows. We organize, participate in, and support many charitable activities. We established the UTChinese Elementary School Fund and help children in poverty-stricken areas in China with their primary education. We organize annual New Year Concerts of which net proceeds have allowed more than 200 children to return to school.

In addition to our charitable contributions, we also seek ways to empower and enable sustainability. Charity is a bandaid, and philanthropy is the medicine. We work with UNICEF Canada and other foundations to make a difference everyday.


We are dedicated to create a work place that values and respect people from diverse backgrounds, and enable our team members to do their best work. We honor the unique combination of talents, experience and perspectives of our team members, making our success possible.

Among other focuses on diversity, we continue to lead on the standing of sexual diversity in the Chinese community. We thrive to create a safe environment that is free from bias and harassment for everyone. We have our UTChinese LGBT Friendly Symbol displayed on our website and magazines.

UTChinese LGBT Friendly Symbol

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