UTChinese Conferences

We have organized conferences in different themes ranging from business and technology to international relations and sociocultural issues.

UTChinese Entrepreneurship Conferences · 多大中文企业家论坛系列

UTChinese Entrepreneurship Conference Logo - Designed by Gavin Ouyang

The UTChinese Entrepreneurship Conference is one of our signature large events. Our first Entrepreneurship Conference was held in 2009, and we invited Songnian Zhou (Co-Founder of Platform Computing, a leading IT company in North America), and were honoured to have Minhong Yu (Founder of New Oriental Education & Technology Group) recorded a video for us.

In 2011, we organized our second Entrepreneurship Conference, and we were honoured to have been able to invite some of the top business minds in Canada, such as Michael Budman (Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Roots), Tim Penner (President of Procter & Gamble Canada), Michael Zahra (President of Staples Advantage Canada, and former President of Yahoo! Canada), and Shenglin Xian (Founder of Shenglin Financial).

UTChinese Life Sciences Conferences · 多大中文生命科学论坛系列

UTChinese Life Sciences Conference Logo - Designed by Suvi Ling

The UTChinese Life Sciences Conference is a new event. The first conference will be organized in early November, and details will be available soon.

Other Conferences · 其他论坛

UTChinese 2007 Sino-Japanese Conference Logo - Designed by N. L.

Although China and Japan have shared over two thousand years of official and unofficial relations, the turbulence of Sino-Japanese relations is largely attributed to different interpretations of history; particularly the history of war. As students at the University of Toronto sincerely concerned about the future of Sino-Japanese relations and the stability of East Asia, UTChinese organized the 2007 Sino-Japanese Conference as a contribution to larger efforts in the Sino-Japanese friendship-building process. The conference aimed at elucidating diverse problems between the two nations and providing our audience, especially students, with opportunities to understand the significance of Sino-Japanese relations.

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